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The Holdaways USD Audio is one of the most well known and innovative companies in car audio today. They have been in Orange, California since 1978, when Roger Holdaway started the company. His two, then teenage sons, Eric and Patrick, joined the company in 1980 and 1981 respectively. Roger worked the boys hard and trained them in business, installation and that competitive edge that sets Winners apart from the ordinary. Roger uses two sayings to sum-up the philosophy of USD Audio: "Why is there never enough time to do the job right the first time, but always enough time to do it over?" Roger always demands that his people take the time to complete each job correctly. And the second saying is his own, Always give the customer a dollars value for the dollar that they are spending!"

Knowledgable Staff

Speaker Works Buick When you call USD Audio, you will be talking to a group of people that have achieved incredible heights. Our staff has 15 IASCA National Championships, 2 Car Audio National Championships, 3 "Installer of the Year" awards, 3 "Top 12 Installers in the Nation" awards, and received the First CASA/ VSA (MECP) Honorary Master Installer Certificates for their help in designing the curriculum for the installer testing.

The Most Famous car audio systems in the world use USD Audio Speaker Systems and Electronic Processors. What systems? How about the 4-time World Champion Speaker Works - Buick Grand National ( the only car to Ever be featured Twice in Car Audio & Electronics Magazine), Todd Matsubara's 4-time IASCA Champion T-bird, and Harry Kimura’s 4-time World Champion Acura Legend.

Leading Edge Technology

Harry Kimura's Acura USD Audio is built on service to the customer via the best products that you can buy and the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. They work very hard at staying on the cutting edge of car audio technology, by creating much of it!

Some of USD Audio's breakthrough technologies are:

  • USD Audio was the first to design, manufacturer, and sell a Noisegate for car audio (1986.)
  • The first to design the A-periodic enclosure for car audio (1987) (Patent Pending.)
  • The first to use the "less speakers is better" approach (1980.)
  • The first to talk about the importance of Pathlength equalization for improved imaging (1980.)
  • The first to put tweeters and midranges into the kick panels, aimed up to the center of the vehicle to achieve proper imaging (1980.)
  • Inventor of the WaveGuide™ (Patent Pending), giant Mid/tweets that are underdash mounted. These were first used in the Speaker Works Buick Grand National back in 1986.
  • Inventors of the RotoMount WaveGuide (Patent Pending.)
  • First marketed and sold damping materials for use in the car to improve sound quality in 1980.
  • First used "Stiffening" caps on Audiomobile amplifiers way back in 1982, well before the current hoopla over them now.
  • USD Audio was the first to really push the importance of achieving a front sound stage in the car. Paul Starry (Founder of Audiomobile) and Roger Holdaway (Founder of USD Audio) used to argue on that subject back in 1980.
  • and more.