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AP Mats

USD AP Mats An AP subwoofer system is one which employs 2 enclosure volumes coupled with a purely resistive element, the AP Mat. When such a system is properly designed, it is possible to control the woofer cone movement by the energy transfer though the precision acoustic resistance of the AP Mat. The completed system will be considered A-periodic, or over-damped with a Q well below 0.7 Qts. In contrast, most car audio systems are grossly under damped, with Q's greater than 0.8 and higher. These high-Q systems have poor transient response, nasty peaks in their frequency response and high rates of roll-off. The result of controlling cone motion with a resistive AP Mat is a very low system Qt. A-periodic systems feature excellent transient and phase response, smooth frequency response and extended very-low frequency reproduction with quicker attack, less bass hangover and lower cone distortion.

  • Constructed of high-quality MDF and special high-density FMSTM damping material
  • Regains trunk space by using a very small box size (less than 0.33 cubic feet)
  • No expensive meters needed to "tune" the enclosure
  • Very predicatable flat frequency response
  • Power handling of small sealed box w/ bass of a large box.
  • Provides detailed bass response, and lower distortion.
  • Improved transient response versus other boxes designs.
  • AP Mat enclosures extend lower than conventional enclosures.
  • Comes with easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Available for 10", 12" and 15" subwoofers
    Subwoofer Compatibility
    10" Subwoofer Qts of 0.39 or less
    12" Subwoofer Qts of 0.45 or less
    15" Subwoofer Qts of 0.45 or less

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