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Custom Kick Panels

USD Kick Panels USD Audio's custom fiberglass Kick Panel pods are made for Very Easy installation in the cars that they are designed to fit. Upholster in either carpet or vinyl for that factory look. A beutifull way to improve the staging and imaging of your car or truck.

All USD Audio Kick Panels come with grill blanks. You can fit a tweeter and a 4" mid or a 5" stamp frame woofer (except in the USD KP-9112 - 4" only and the USD KP-Must, which is a subwoofer enclosure).

All of these models can be used to fit a large number of the cars with very little installation fitting and finish work.

  • Available for several cars and trucks.
  • Made for easy installation
  • Requires a little fitting and finishing
  • Upholster in carpet or vinyl for a factory look
  • Comes with grill blanks
  • Fits a Tweeter and a 4" midrange or a 5.25" stamped frame woofer
  • All fiberglass construction for improved durability
    Kick Panel Models
    USD KP-ToPU Fits '89 to '95 Toyota Pick-ups and some 4-Runners. Easily fits into Nissan Hardbody Pick-up trucks and other Toyota Vehicles
    USD KP-AcINT Fits '94 to '96 Acura Integra. Can be easily customized to fit in all Hondas.
    USD Kp-9111 Fits '69 to '83 Porsche 911. These hold a 4" midrange and tweeter.
    USD Audio Kickpanels
    USD Kp-9112 Fits '84 to '88 Porsche 911 Targa and SC. These hold a 4" midrange and tweeter. USD Audio Kickpanels
    USD Kp-Must Fits '81 to '93 Ford Mustang Rear seat side cover. Can hold an 8" woofer.
    USD Kp-Uni The Kp-Uni is a universal fit kick panel in raw form. In can be fit into almost any vehicle with some fitting and finish work

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