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USD Audio WaveGuide Super A

WaveGuide Super A Ever wondered what is the Ultimate? Here it is! Realism, Detail... Perfection. Expensive? - Of course, Very! The USD Audio Super -A WaveGuide are packed with High Performance Technology and are painstakingly assembled to the tightest tolerances in the industry. All of this combines to make the Super-A WaveGuide the Ultimate horn load system available. They are the finest in Sonic Detail, Clarity and Realism! Features: U.S. Patented design, RotoMount, AccuCurve, and a 1.75” Beryllium Diaphragm. This unit is not for the faint of heart. These massive motors are 14 lbs. each and measure 5 1/2” in diameter and 4 1/4” tall. The Super - A is the largest WaveGuide in the line at 2.5”x 18” on the Mouth size and 11” deep with 5 1/2” total height at the motor. The Super-A has a powerful Rare Earth Alnico magnet with undercut pole piece for improved magnetic focus, low mass Aluminum voice coil wire & Copper magnetic shorting ring for improved highs.

Key features of the USD Audio WaveGuide Super A:

  • 1" Compression Driver
  • 1.75" Beryllium Diaphram
  • RotoMount
  • Frequency Response: 500Hz to 20kHz
  • Recommend Crossover Frequency: 800Hz.
  • Power Handling: 35 watts RMS
  • Sensitivity: 110dB 1w/M
  • Nominal Impedence: 8 ohms
  • Size: Mouth - 2.5" high x 18" wide x 11.5" deep
  • Motor height - 5.75"

WaveGuides provide improved sound, imaging and staging with:

  • On axis response with minimum Pathlength offset. Just like your home stereo, the speakers are facing you - not each other.
  • Patented Design.
  • The unique AccuCurve™ Len returns lower distortion than any other horn loaded compression driver (HLCD), while Improving frequency response and power handling.
  • Radical "Recurved" Guide Body - Improves Imaging and Staging.
  • World Class manufacturing Techniques like High-pressure Injection Molding insures consistent quality of the WaveGuides. WaveGuides are Easy & Fast to install:

WaveGuides feature:

  • RotoMount™ creates more underdash clearance and flexibility for faster & easier mounting.
  • Unique under-dash mounting location - means No cutting of vehicle - Great for the people who are Leasing their cars!
  • Built-in Mounting points for less fabrication.
  • Complete with easy-to-use grill forms for factory look.
  • All WaveGuide systems come with easy to follow installation and tuning instructions.
  • Available Passive Crossovers with built-in Equalization circuitry.

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