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USD Audio Products - WaveGuides

USD Audio WaveGuide Super A
USD WaveGuide Super A

Ever wondered what is the Ultimate? Here it is! Realism, Detail... Perfection. Expensive? - Of course, Very! The USD Audio Super -A WaveGuide are packed with High Performance Technology and are painstakingly assembled to the tightest tolerances in the industry. All of this combines to make the Super-A WaveGuide the Ultimate horn load system available.

USD Audio WaveGuide A-700
USD WaveGuide A-700

Award winning performance!!! The patented WaveGuide A-700 is the latest generation of the USD Audio A series WaveGuides, used in IASCA Championship winning systems longer than any other Horn Loaded compression driver in the world.

USD Audio WaveGuide BC-300
USD WaveGuide BC-300

The BC-300 RT WaveGuide puts the competition to shame. It offers more performance, quality and features than any other horn loaded compression drive in its price range! Features: RotoMount, AccuCurve, 1.75 Aluminum Diaphragm, 53 oz. Strontium magnet with undercut pole piece which improves magnetic focus, 350Hz flare rate throat, low mass Aluminum voice coil wire for improved high frequency response and a Quasi-3 slot circumferential Phasing plug. Available in two different component set versions as well.


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