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Installation Gallery - Acura Legend Coupe

Another 4 time National/World Champion.

Acura Legend Coupe
Acura Legend Coupe

Another four time National/World Champion car, this Acura Legend really is one.
Acura Legend Coupe
CD Player

The Alpine 7909 CD Player was flush mounted into the woodgrain dash. In this picture, you can also see the USD Audio WaveGuides that the car uses. The car first competed with USD Audio 4" plate speakers in the kickpanels; it was a winner then too.
Acura Legend Coupe
Amplifiers and Equalizers

Two 30 band, 1/3 octave mono equalizers were located on the left side of the car. Next to them was an electronic crossover. The faceplates of the EQs and crossover are painted to match the car.

The car is using Crossfire amplifiers in this picture. The amplifiers have been changed numerous times over the car's lifetime.
Acura Legend Coupe
Stealth + Flash

With covers in place, the trunk maintains a very stock appearance. The spare tire was built out of a matching wheel. In order to make it fit, the wheel was cut into two pieces and narrowed. At the time this car was competing, having removed the spare tire was a big no-no.
Acura Legend Coupe
Subs and Midwoofers

After it's first year, the Acura used a six speaker setup similar to that of the Buick Grand National. However, while the car did utilize the USD Pro15b subwoofers, the midbass were 10". In this picture of the back seat, remember that 15" speakers are behind the seat and 10" midwoofers are in each rear quarter panel. It looks totally stock.
Acura Legend Coupe
Caps and Battery

The right side of the trunk holds capacitors, fuses and a second battery.

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