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Installation Gallery - Speaker Works Buick Grand National

Here are the overall pictures of the Speaker Works Buick Grand National. There are also pictures of the build-up of the car, including the WaveGuides, Subwoofer enclosure, Amplifier Rack and Steering Wheel.

  Speaker Works Buick Grand National
The Buick Grand National
Amplifier Rack

Four Alpine Amplifiers were located on the floor of the Buick, along with a fifth amplifier on the back wall of the trunk.
The Buick Grand National
EQ, Crossover, Noisegate and the Fifth Amplifier

Two 30 band, 1/3 octave mono equalizers were located on the left side of the car. Next to them was an electronic crossover, and a noisegate was also installed to prevent any noise from appearing on 0-bit test material.
The Buick Grand National
Totally Stealth

With covers in place, the trunk maintained a very stock appearance. The spare tire was retained, and there was very usable space. On the right hand side, a second battery is located behind the spare tire.
The Buick Grand National
Subs and Midwoofers

The Buick utilized a 6 speaker setup, with two 15" subwoofers in an AP enclosure handling bass frequencies, two 12" midwoofers in the rear quarter panels handling midbass frequencies and two WaveGuides handling all upper frequencies.
The Buick Grand National
Passenger Side Dash

The very first WaveGuides were used in the Buick. Both WaveGuides were integrated into the dash in such a way that it was hard to tell they weren't factory.
The Buick Grand National
Steering Wheel Controls

Controls were integrated into the steering wheel for volume and track control of the Alpine 7909 CD player.

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