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WaveGuide Tutorial

    WaveGuide Tutorial RotoMount allows a great amount of flexability to do intallations easier.
WaveGuide Tutorial Flanges can be trimmed to improve foot room.

Flanges should be trimmed to match contours of the dash to improve Acoustic coupling
WaveGuide Tutorial Once you are done trimming you should remove the burrs and smooth the edges of the WaveGuide Body.
WaveGuide Tutorial Up to 1/2 an inch can be cut from the flanges to improve leg room clearance if needed.

Up to 2 inches can be cut from the inside end of the WaveGuide to clear the consoles.
WaveGuide Tutorial
By aiming the WaveGuide up, you can improve the height of the image. WaveGuides should never point down
WaveGuide Tutorial
By moving the WaveGuide you can adjust the position of the center stage.
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